Individal Art Photography

An „Individual Art Photography“ is the realization of the concept (see „HOME“). Here I try to learn something about the history, emotions, fears, efforts, problems, desires, goals etc. of the person by means of a conversation. Based on this information I create a scenario and define a role to be “played” by the person during the individual photo shoot. Through the props, accessories, light, pose, clothes and facial expressions I try to bring symbolism as well as a corresponding mood, emotions and expressiveness into the picture.

The most important thing in such a photo shoot is not only the profound and individually developed photo, but also the confrontation with own emotions, which have become real and manifest in the symbolism.

By playing in front of the camera, these emotions can be experienced, which can often lead to liberation or catharsis.

Classic Photo

A „classic photo“ is a solution for those who don’t like to open up or don’t want to reveal much about themselves. It is a solution for all those who are looking for a more classic, calm yet emotional, creative yet not exaggerated. Here everyone will find what they are looking for: portraits, portraits of couples, nude, author photos, but also photos of children or bridal photos.

Polster or Advertising Campaign

A „poster or advertising campaign“ is an offer aimed at companies who are planning photos for their posters or entire advertising campaigns, which should remain in the minds of passers-by/customers for a long time due to their striking and emotional form. It is also an offer to all foundations that need moving and sometimes shocking posters for their campaigns.

No Money Photo

A „Other“ is not a new kind of photo (it can be any kind of the above mentioned photos), but a kind of cooperation, solidarity or help e.g. for:

– Activists: Since I appreciate the activists, their work and especially their commitment for the rescue of our planet, the animals, poor people, children etc. very much and know that they do not have much time for money by this commitment, I want to help them by “non-profit” cooperation and make a contribution to the improvement of our planet.

– Artists: especially young artists who are at the beginning of their way and need photos for their marketing and advertising.

– Crazy people: I welcome crazy people (here I only mean peaceful crazy people;)) who want to take crazy photos, even those who already have a crazy idea for photos in their heads and want to realize them, but don’t know anyone who could photograph something like this professionally.

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