Individual Art Photography

Photo studio remains open during the nationwide lockdown starting 12/16/2020. Due to Corona crisis, all photo shootings will be on appointment basis only.

„Individual Art Photography“ is my concept for photography, people and photo shootings. It was born out of love for classical black and white photography, art, psychology, philosophy and creative work as well as my experience.


The concept assumes that the most important thing in photography is the human being and his individuality. It assumes that our stories, emotions, fears, efforts, problems, desires and goals, which make up our individuality, can be both an individual topic for the photo shooting and a profound experience of the photo shooting.


It is my aim to depict the true individuality in its depth on the photos. That’s why I try to learn as much as possible about each individual person first, then analyze them and develop an appropriate scenario and role for them in the photo shooting. Each photo shooting is thought through and conceived in every detail. The props, accessories, the light, the pose, clothes, facial expressions, etc..


The photo shooting is not only unforgettable because of the individually created photos, its pleasant climate and the work with sometimes very bizarre props, which brings it close to the theatre performance. Also due to the self-knowledge, the confrontation with problems, fears or desires it often works like a kind of liberation, catharsis.


For those who don’t want to exhibit themselves too much or refuse to work with props, but still want to have a profound and extraordinary portrait – this applies equally to couples, author photos, nudes, photos of children or bridal photos – I have offers – more on this under the keyword „CLASSIC PHOTO“, which can be found under „OFFER“.


For COMPANIES, FOUNDATIONS etc., who wish creative, profound, emotional „storytelling“ for their posters or advertising campaign, I have offers – more to it under „OFFER“ and the there „POSTER OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN“.


For ACTIVISTS, ARTISTS, TRANSLATES who don’t have much money, but also need photos, I have offers – more about this in „NO MONEY PHOTO“ under „OFFER“.

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