About me…

My relationship to photography and the history of this relationship resemble one of the many scenarios of French love films with its highs and lows, but especially with its great intensity of emotions.


She has accompanied me and I since 1989, when I was five years old. That year we met and my dream of becoming a photographer was born. Since then I have been searching for my way and place in photography.


I have always been passionate about classic black and white photography, its simplicity, its calm, but at the same time its deep and focused content. Out of this enthusiasm and respect for all the great photographers who photographed in black and white and who had a real passion for “seeing” and infected me with this passion, I photograph almost exclusively in black and white.


I was interested in very different genres of photography. Here I will only mention a few of them for which my heart beats. Expressive and emotional portraits have always impressed me, because a face is unique, not only because of its anatomical characteristics, but also because of life experience. The eyes through which one can read the person’s soul make this oldest genre of portrait photography in my eyes the most difficult and at the same time most interesting genre of photography. Nude photography is the next genre that has always fascinated me, through which one can inspire with the infinite beauty of the body and always discover something new. Since I didn’t want to remain a mere “observer”, but was looking for more fun in creation and design, I discovered my passion for artistic photography, that is “Conceptual Photography”, “Creative Photography” and “Storytelling” photography, which often seems artificial without real emotions.


Since I have dealt with various problems of my own through artistic photography, I understood not only that the whole thing had become an emotional affair, but also that it could lead to a kind of liberation.


From the above mentioned phases, the enthusiasm for black and white photography, the experiences with different photographic genres and especially the discovery of the quasi-cathartic experience, my concept of an “Individual Art Photography” emerged.


With this concept I do not only want to take the most beautiful element from the different genres of photography, but also to open myself up to other art genres such as the performing arts. That’s why you pose less at my photo shootings than you play. It’s more of a theater play and taking a little time to deal with your own emotions and ideas than a classic, emotionless and routine photo shoot.




I hardly retouch persons on my photos. I think this has a certain charm and also creates the unique authenticity of the pictures; the person pictured remains the same as the one she was at the photo shoot.

The most important goal for me is art.

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